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Traditional Baguette 330g

A very crunchy baguette with hints of caramel scent and a flavourful soft core.

Wholesale 2.00

Traditional Half Baguette 165g

A very crunchy baguette with hints of caramel scent and a flavourful soft core.

Wholesale 1.10

Cereal Baguette 250g

A traditional baguette with selection of different seeds. Flavourful, fluffy core and a crisp crust with hints of roasted seeds.

Wholesale 2.20

Focaccia Olive 220g

Traditional dough with the best olive oil and the distinctive taste of chopped olives.

Wholesale 1.90

Focaccia Herb 220g

Traditional dough with the best olive oil. Fresh herbs and fleur de sel sea salt.

Wholesale 1.90

Bâtard 800g

Stone ground sourdough Bâtard shape bread, a charismatic crust and taste caused by the long term fermentation.

Wholesale 3.00

Campagne Tourte 1kg

Long fermented classic bread, remarkable crispy but thin crust, fluffy core with a hint of caramel nose.

Wholesale 3.00

Plain Bun 80g

On of Gontran’s famous rolls collection. Hints of pepper and topped with sesame seeds.

Wholesale 1.00

Miso Rye Bread 1kg

Our signature bread with lots of flavours, compact crust with hints of coffee and a caramelised taste.

Wholesale 3.30

Montmartrois 800g

A favourite. Soft and “juicy” core with an incredible crust. Distinctive fermentation flavour and roasted aromatic.

Wholesale 3.00


Croissant 85g

Crispy and mellow with intense French butter flavour with a shiny golden baking colour

Wholesale 1.80

Pain au Chocolat 85g

Crunchy croissant dough with a rich indulging chocolate core

Wholesale 1.95

Almond Croissant

Sliced croissant with rich almond cream inside topped with almond flakes

Wholesale 2.30

Almond Pain au Chocolat

Flavourful pain au chocolate with rich chocolate core, topped with almond cream and almond flakes

Wholesale 2.30

Plain Brioche 75g

Fluffy and flavourful brioche made with French imported butter

Wholesale 1.50

Sugar Brioche 75g

Mellow brioche with Perl sugar to give it a little crunch

Wholesale 1.60

Chocolate Crumble Brioche 75g

Mellow brioche with baked with rich chocolate bits

Wholesale 1.80

Dinner Roll Plain 55g

Lighter density but nice flavour with a crispy crust

Wholesale 0.45

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